Adventurous Safari Bush Bath: Luxury Adventure at it’s Best!

Clients are always curious about bathing in while on safari… will there be a bathroom? A hot shower?


At Ultimate Africa we love small safari camps and lodges set right in amongst the animals. We do our best to avoid large impersonal hotels.


Nearly all the safari properties we recommend have en suite bathrooms with flushing toilet, hot and cold running water, sinks, and showers. Many even have a second outdoor shower on your room’s deck / patio… and some have amazing baths!


One of my favorites is at Cottars 1920s located in a private wildlife viewing area adjoining Kenya’s Masai Mara:


After a day of game driving it is amazing to soak and relax in their unique canvas bush baths. A traditional style safari canvas bath is set on a Persian rug in the open-air outside your tent. You can luxuriate in your bubble-filled bath – wildlife wandering by whilst you sip champagne, looking out over the wild plains of the Masai Mara!

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