Airline Electronics Ban – What You Need to Know

CNN is reporting that the US government has  ordered 9 Middle Eastern / North Africa airlines and 10 airport to make sure passengers check electronic devices in their luggage. The ban will take effect March 25, 2017.


Devices that must be checked include laptops, tablets, e-readers, cameras, game units larger than a smartphone, travel printers / scanners, and DVD players. The requirements don’t apply to smartphones, though particularly large ones may be restricted. 


The complete list of airports is as follows:
Cairo, Egypt
Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Istanbul, Turkey
Doha, Qatar
Amman, Jordan
Kuwait City
Casablanca, Morocco
Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


The 9 airlines that operate direct flights to the U.S. from affected airports are:
Etihad Airways
Kuwait Airways
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Turkish Airlines


Passengers will still be allowed to take electronic devices onto flights departing from the U.S however additional airports / airlines may may be added to the lists at a later point.


Medical devices required during the flight will still be allowed in the cabin after security screening.


Flight and cabin crews are not covered by the new restrictions.


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