Mombo Trails Camp Update

Here is an update on the new Mombo Trails Camp that has been erected to accommodate guests while Main Mombo Camp and Little Mombo Camp are rebuilt (details of the rebuild process along with closing / opening dates can be viewed in our other blog posts).

The new Mombo Trails Camp is located two kilometers northwest of the current Mombo camp, overlooking the very same productive floodplain.

The main area of Mombo Trails is comprised of two 110 square meter (1,300 square feet) tents – one being a dining area and the other a bar and lounge with a campfire area between them.

The main area and tented rooms all face the floodplain and are raised slightly on wooden decks.

The tented rooms look fantastic. Each is over 65 square meters (700 square feet) with a minibar / coffee station, and en-suite bathroom with double vanities, and a shower. There is 220v power, fans to ward off the heat, charging stations for camera equipment, and 2 way radios. Each room also has a lounge area.

These 2 concept photos do a great job of showing Mombo Trails’ room exterior and interior.

Stay well,

Ian Proctor
Ultimate Africa founder and president

Site Development