Mombo Trails Camp Concept Pictures

Check out these preliminary concept photos of the tents that could be used at the new Mombo Trails Camp which will be set up during 2016 whilst Mombo Main Camp and Little Mombo are rebuilt.

Mombo Trails will be a tented fly camp with no permanent structures. It will have 7 rooms. Mombo Trails Camp will not be rustic or basic. The elegantly furnished tents will be very comfortable, large enough to accommodate a bedroom area, small seating area, and en-suite bathrooms with running water, shower, and flushing toilet. There will be electricity although the source is yet to be decided.

Mombo Trails Camp Interior Idea

The main parts of the camp will include living and dining areas along with a library in the central “mess” tent along with a campfire area. Unlike Mombo Main and Little Mombo the Mombo Trails Camp will be on the ground i.e. there will be no decks and boardwalks. Whether massage treatments will be on offer has not yet been finalized. There will be no pool, gym, or curio shop.

Mombo Trails will be located 1.5 kilometers from the re-construction of Mombo and Little Mombo so there should be no disturbance to guests.

Please note: These photos give a sense of how the new Mombo Trails will look but changes may be made to both tent interiors and exteriors.

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