Taking Prescription Medicines on Safari – My Opinion Based on 25+ Years African Travel

There is a lot of talk online about people being stopped at airports / borders in Africa for prescription drugs… in particular in Zambia for Sudafed which has an ingredient which is illegal.


In my experience, over 25 years traveling in Africa, I have never had medicines inspected or been asked what medicines I am carrying.  Most bag searches are done when leaving a country and these are for security reasons.


Never having had a problem I often put vitamins and medicines together in a Ziploc or a larger container and have never had a problem. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself!


Now there could always be a first time and we are not saying to avoid precautions… it makes sense to make sure any medicines you carry are legal at your destination. If it is a medicine that you MUST have daily to survive perhaps bring that pill bottle with prescription sticker attached… some travelers have suggested taking a photo of your various pill bottles with prescriptions all lined up… then have that photo available on your phone if needed.


Hopefully this advise will add some perspective to the conversation and help with your packing…



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