The Wildebeest Migration – Better Late then Never

For early high season travelers to Kenya this year the wildebeest did not want to cooperate. Visitors to Kenya’s famed Masai Mara, this past June and July, wanting to catch the migration were out of luck… the herds normally arrive sometime during late June to mid July but this is all rain / weather dependant. For 2018 the herds only arrived August 1.


For traveler’s wanting to maximize the odds of seeing this spectacle – massive herds of wildebeest crossing the crocodile filled Mara River, we suggest late July through early October. Many companies suggest anytime June onwards…


To avoid the Mara Reserve’s crowds (at Sala Camp in the Masai Mara there can be up to 150 vehicles parked all day waiting to catch the wildebeest – it is like a parking lot), we suggest clients stay in Tanzania’s northern Serengeti. 80% of the Mara River is bordered on both sides by Tanzania and in this area there there are only a handful of camps.


To learn more please visit our Wildebeest Migration Made Simple webpage.


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