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We are known for arranging high end, high quality, custom African safaris and are intimately familiar with Africa’s top wildlife hideaways. Our USA based safari consultants spend a quarter of each year visiting Africa’s leading high end hotels, lodges and tented camps. We love small and intimate safari properties – typically 3 to 12 rooms, or tents, situated in Africa’s greatest wilderness areas – right amongst the animals. Varied wildlife viewing activities during the day and comfortable rooms, with en suite bathrooms, at night are a must along with incredible guides, great food, and of course – plenty of drinks!

We handle it all – air tickets, accommodations, activities, and trip insurance… giving you time to spend on what really matters. Whether a once in a lifetime honeymoon in Africa, or a private family safari, your journey starts with a complimentary consultation. Call our Seattle office toll free 1 800 461-0682 today and start planning your special African adventure!

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The Great East African
Wildebeest Migration


The endless plains of East Africa are the setting for one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles: the 1.5+ million animal wildebeest migration. Check out our month by month guide to East Africa’s luxury lodges and camps Continue reading >>