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Our partners Great Plains Conservation are embarking on a very commendable project to move thousands of animals from Zimbabwe’s Save Conservancy (where through great stewardship they now have too many animals) to the Sapi Reserve (next to Mana Pools) on the Zambezi River – also in Zimbabwe.


I often say to people “if I had to live out my years in Africa I would do it in Mana Pools” and I feel very strongly about this project. Therefore Ultimate Africa Safaris has donated US $5,000 and would love it if you could join us in supporting Project Rewild Zambezi – even a $20 donation helps!


As an added bonus clients who donate US $500, or more, and book to stay at Great Plains’ Tembo Plains Tented Camp in the Sapi Reserve, will receive a private safari vehicle and guide for their entire stay in camp.


Donations to Project Rewild Zambezi can be made here: https://greatplainsfoundation.com/donate/


Project Rewild Zambezi animals to be moved:



The Sapi Reserve was until 5 years ago a hunting block and this movement of wildlife will go along way bringing it back to “life”… along with a great number of animals who have moved into the area under their own volition from Mana Pools and from the across the river in Zambia.


Project Rewild Zambezi Timeframe:



Here is the high level project budget:



And here is a chart showing how smaller donations will be used to great effect:



Here is a video put together for Project Rewild Zambezi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBU-h-1LVf4


And here is a link to view Tembo Plains – an intimate 5 roomed tented camp set on the Zambezi River in the private Sapi Reserve.


The Great Plains Foundation is a US 501(c)3 organization with a mission to conserve and expand natural habitats in Africa through innovative conservation initiatives with a long-term commitment to the environment, wildlife, and local communities.


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