Happy Safari Clients Said the Following…

Two couples from Dallas, Texas who booked a luxury safari to East Africa through us just came home and noted the following. We thought their comments painted such a nice picture of the experience that we would post them for all to see!


Ian – Our time in Kenya and Tanzania was extraordinary! We arrived home with 4,000 photos and hours of video but even that doesn’t capture all we experienced. We remain on an “African High”.


Thank you so very much for arranging our itinerary and all the extras it included. It seemed like every day we were ‘surprised’ with something wonderful.  There were so many highlights, a few are listed below:


Giraffe Manor: Receiving giraffe kisses and having tea with the giraffes was remarkable (just as you described.)


Cottar’s 1920: Tent and property was magnificent. Masai Warrior Guide and his tracker were fantastic. Bush Bubble Bath.  On 1 drive we saw a lioness carry 2 week old cubs – also saw lions mating and leopards. Of course herds of wildebeest. Masai Village visit. Massages were excellent.


Singita Mara River: Observed SIX wildebeest crossings! On one of them the wildebeests were crossing both directions!  Drinks by the open fire before dinner. Our first and only time on 2 visits to Africa to see cheetahs. We observed 2 brothers one day. Birthday celebration!


Crater Lodge: As you said “Maasi meets Versailles”. Fantastic views and location. Our butler, Peter, was outstanding. Private lunch in the crater was AMAZING. When the Masai began to sing the 200 zebras behind joined in. We felt we were in heaven.  Dinner in wine cellar was remarkable – food, wine, bday celebration and the Washa Washa Choir! Bubble Bath with red rose petals was prepared and ready when we entered our room.


Mwiba Lodge: Bush walk with the Hadzabe Tribe of hunters and gatherers. Special surprise sundowner on blessed rock with bonfire, special chairs, rugs, music. Complimentary massages for each tent was a surprise as well! On a night drive, after wine in the tree house platform, we came upon a black-necked spitting cobra that was swallowing a venomous puff adder snake. Eating meals in different locations… library, pool, main lodge, patio. Our butler, Frank, was outstanding. Our guide, Godson, taught us more than any guide we’ve ever had. His tracker was also helpful. Fabulous lodge, tent architecture ….. special cooling system for the bed. Another birthday celebration with entire staff the day before we left.



Food and wine everywhere was excellent.
All guides were outstanding.
Staff at each location was attentive to every detail with smiles all the time.

These are only a few of our special memories but hopefully they project how appreciative we are for your expertise in pulling our trip together.

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