Joubert’s Newest Botswana Movie – Okavango River of Dreams

The Joubert’s have put together an awesome 3 part African wildlife miniseries… again filmed in Botswana. It is aptly named “Okavango: River of Dreams!”


The promo blurb notes:


“Great Plains Conservation co-founders and wildlife filmmakers, Dereck & Beverly Joubert presents pure nature at its finest. The Okavango is one of Africa’s greatest rivers. It has its own moods and personality – sometimes it feeds, sometimes it starves, it is the character of its own story. Like other African rivers, the Okavango has its very own ghosts and demons, its moodiness lurking in its deep dark waters. The vast river system provides a beautiful stage for a drama of untouched nature, a portrait presenting all the richness and beauty of the Okavango. All the characters’ stories are told against the backdrop of their relationship with the water and their contribution to the river system. All the energetic, never-ending circle of life and death occurs in a truly natural paradise.”


Chapter 1, Paradise
October 23rd, 2019 on PBS Nature 8PM Eastern time
Explore the landscape and wildlife of the Upper Okavango River. A lioness severely injured by a buffalo is left for dead by her pride. Now handicapped, she has to survive in the swamp alone, hunting to feed her little cubs.


Chapter 2, Limbo
October 30th, 2019 on PBS Nature 8PM Eastern time
Delve into the landscape and wildlife of the “Middle World,” the delta of the Okavango River. A hyena and a warthog family share neighboring dens, helping each other by keeping an eye on threatening predators such as lions and leopards.


Chapter 3, Inferno
November 6th, 2019 on PBS Nature 8PM Eastern time
Discover the landscape and wildlife of the Lower Okavango River, where the land is baked dry by the scorching sun. Large herds of zebra and wildebeest migrate to the dry plains in search of the precious salt that these animals need.


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