New Requirements for Children Traveling to South Africa

As of June 1, 2015 new South African immigration rules apply to children under the age of 18 visiting South Africa.

Every child under the age of 18 entering into, or departing from, South Africa must have a fully unabridged (unedited/complete) birth certificate and a passport – even when traveling with both parents.

When a child is travelling with only one of the parents, then the parent travelling with that child has to produce, in addition to the fully unabridged birth certificate and passport, a legally drafted and certified affidavit / letter, signed by the other parent, confirming their permission for the child to travel, plus a certified copy of the other parents’ valid passport or identity document – or in the case of a widower, a certified copy of a death certificate and an unabridged birth certificate.

Children travelling without their parents (i.e. with friends or grandparents) must have an unabridged birth certificate, a passport, certified copies of valid passports or identity documents for both parents, and a legally drafted affidavit / letter of permission for the child to travel that has been signed by both parents. This affidavit must be witnessed by two independent witnesses, not related to, or travelling with the child.

Airlines have been directed to deny boarding and Immigration to refuse entry or departure, if these requirements have not been met.

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