What a Year to Visit Botswana

Rain, rain and more rain is bringing extraordinary life to Botswana. Most travelers would not associate rain with positive news but in Botswana they do!


This years’ rainfall in most of the Okavango Delta has been the highest in the last 20+ years. Water lilies, in their hundreds and thousands, are flowering in the waterways. The Okavango is swelling wonderfully and grasses are seeding across the plains throughout the country.


This means the coming safari season will be a bumper one. With the burst of life comes increased numbers of seeds, flowers and fruits. With that comes insects and other small creatures that feed on them. In turn the birds and mammal numbers swell and ultimately so do the predators. Visitors can expect massive numbers and exciting sightings in 2021 as a result of the abundance.


The rains also mean that Victoria Falls is also going to be hugely impressive – it should reach full spate at some point in May / June.


All in all, if you can make it to Botswana, and the Falls, in 2021 you are in for a treat – unlike anything experienced in the last 20 years or more!


Stay well,

Ian Proctor
Ultimate Africa President
“I first visited Africa in the late 1980s. I came face to face with a wild elephant, and fell in love with being on safari! I made it my goal to create an African travel company that was all about authentic wildlife experiences. Many years later we are one of the top African travel companies in the Americas – known for arranging custom safaris to East and Southern Africa; personal trips, no cookie cutter stuff.”

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