Botswana Water Level Update – November 2021
The heat is on in Botswana as October is the hottest month of the year (we refer to it as Suicide Month).
Here is a quick update on water levels and activities for our clients staying at Wilderness Safaris’ camps and lodges in Botswana this November.
Abu Camp: water levels are dropping quickly. We are currently offering mokoro excursions (about 45 minutes long) but may have to stop in the next week or two.
Vumbura Camp: although levels are dropping, we continue to offer water activities. We will have to move the mekoro and boat stations when the water in the current area gets too shallow.
Qorokwe Camp: still looking good for mokoro activities at this time.
Jao Reserve: boating has stopped as it is too dangerous with hippo congregating in the deeper areas. Mokoro excursions are still possible from the Pelo area (Jao will also utilize this) and around Jacana.
DumaTau Camp: water activities continue as normal.
Stay well,

Ian Proctor
Ultimate Africa President
“I first visited Africa in the late 1980s. I came face to face with a wild elephant, and fell in love with being on safari! I made it my goal to create an African travel company that was all about authentic wildlife experiences. Many years later we are one of the top African travel companies in the Americas – known for arranging custom safaris to East and Southern Africa; personal trips, no cookie cutter stuff.”

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