Devil’s Pool – The World’s Most Extreme Infinity Pool

While billions of people are sitting in their offices, answering calls and writing emails, you could be one of a handful of people staring over the edge of the world’s largest waterfall…


Say what? Yep… a boat will take you from the Zambian side of the Zambezi River to Livingstone Island from where you swim up to a rock wall which keeps you from going over!


I have done it 4 times… the most unnerving parts? First you swim across the river to a rock outcropping… is the current going to sweep me away? What about crocodiles? Then you jump towards the abyss and into the pool! The best, or worst, is yet to come…  peering over the edge! Would I do it again – in a heart beat! Did I mention the little fish that nibble your toes? Yes this is crazy stuff! As the adrenaline rush fades enjoy a civilized tea or lunch on Livingstone Island!


The Devil’s Pool is only open when water levels are just right – typically August / September through January each year. The Angel’s Armchair (also known as the Angel’s Arm or Angel’s Pool), right nearby, tends to open a bit earlier! You definitely want to book in advance…

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