Tladi – Mombo Camp’s Famous Leopard

Tladi the leopard, born in 2019, has become very well known for close encounters at Botswana’s Mombo Camp.

Tladi means “Thunder” but in reality Tladi is quite relaxed.

When Mombo closed in March 2020 for Covid Tladi became much more inquisitive about the camp and would wander round peeking into the rooms.
Tladi – Mombo Camp’s Famous Leopard
Tladi – Mombo Camp’s Famous Leopard
On my recent visit to Mombo a few weeks ago I didn’t see Tladi but I saw his mother who successfully hunted a baby warthog and proceeded to feed her latest litter…
Photographer Nastasha Mago captured not only the kill but the previous day when Tladi sat peacefully watching the Team Mombo’s soccer practice.
Tladi – Mombo Camp’s Famous Leopard
Tladi – Mombo Camp’s Famous Leopard
Amazing! To see more of Natasha’s great photographs here is a link to her Instagram account.
Due to it’s location on the North tip of Chief’s Island (where the annual Okavango flood waters drop nutritious sediments) Mombo offers some of Africa’s most consistent, high quality wildlife viewing.
If you are interested in visiting Mombo Camp I would be happy to share my insights… I have been regularly visiting Mombo for over 20 years now!
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