Update on the Wildebeest Migration 2018 – Where are The Herds?

It was thought this year that the million animal East African wildebeest migration may make its way to the northern Serengeti / Masai Mara early – like in 2017 when the herds reached the Mara at the start of June… Whilst small pockets of wildebeest have arrived in Kenya’s Mara across the Sand river ample rains have caused the megaherds to pause in Tanzania. It is reminiscent of 2012, when heavy rains generated ample food and water in the southern Serengeti, delaying the migration.


As of mid July park rangers are reporting wildebeest in Tanzania’s Western Corridor with some herds having reached the Ikorongo Reserve… it looks like the main 2018 Mara River crossings will therefore occur in August and last into October.


As the migration is rain dependent we are pretty conservative with our migration advice … whereas as many safari companies suggest visiting Tanzania / Kenya anytime from June onwards we always say “if you want to nail the migration your best bet is to visit August through early October in the northern Serengeti / Masai Mara.” Is there an emoji for patting ourselves on the back?


Photo credit: Daniel Rosengren took this AWESOME shot! Amazing!!!

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